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The 15 Most Obnoxious People You’ll Meet at a Restaurant



When you’re spending money for a nice evening out, the last thing you want is for your night to be ruined. Welp, here are the 15 people that may do just that.

1.  The Couple That Sits There for Like an Hour After They’re Done Eating

You walk into a restaurant, and your table would be ready, except there’s that couple that just won’t leave, even after they’ve been finished for like thirty minutes! It’s also super annoying to your server, because that couple is basically sucking all of their tips away. Way to go, jerks.

2.  The Rude Host/Hostess

Being a restaurant host or hostess is often a lot harder than it looks, but that doesn’t mean it gives you the right to be snobby to guests. We get that if you work at an elite restaurant you might get this power rush by only letting certain people in and them to a 60,000 person wait list, but that doesn’t mean you have to look down upon us common folk. Because at the end of the day, you’re really just one of us. So please, have some tact.

3.  That Couple with the Crying Baby

Leave. The baby. At Home. Seriously, what goes through your head when you’re like “Oh yes honey, it’s a great idea to bring our loud, screaming, wailing child to this fancy restaurant where people are trying to enjoy a nice intimate quiet meal”??? Babysitters exist for a reason. Use them.

4.  The Misbehaving KId

While you should probably NEVER take a baby to a restaurant for the sake of everyone’s sanity (see above), kids can be pretty ok… if you teach them proper restaurant etiquette. No one likes a kid that’s yelling, running around, and eating spaghetti marinara with their hands. If not for the sake of everyone else in the restaurant, teach your kids manners for their own sake. And yours.

5.  The Arguing Couple

There’s a reason that couple isn’t out on a double date. Who wants to go out with the couple that’s always arguing and making a scene in public? And people definitely don’t want to be sitting near that couple either. We don’t need to hear about your money problems or that thing that happened that made you both so mad. Keep it to yourselves. Your relationship, your business.

6.  The PDA Couple

Fine in Lady and the Tramp, not in real life. We don’t need to see you slurping up the same piece of pasta or groping at each other like you haven’t seen each other in months. The classic “GET A ROOM” line definitely applies here. It’s great you’re so into each other, but there’s a time and place for that kind of affection, and it definitely IS NOT in a public restaurant.

7.  The Person Talking Way Too Loudly on the Phone

“OMG, and then they said what?!” WE DON’T CARE! If you’re with someone else it’s super rude to be on your phone anyways, but the rest of the restaurant doesn’t need to hear your gossip, business call, medical test results, or whatever else is going on. Even if you get an emergency call, take it outside! Texting is somewhat more acceptable (phone on silent, of course) because the rest of the world at least doesn’t have to hear it then… but still sucks if you’re with someone.

8.  The Rude Customer

OK. We’ve all had some pretty bad restaurant experiences in our time, whether it’s a clumsy waiter (see below), the food is just plain wrong, or the service is super slow. But there is a calm and reasonable way to handle any of this. This is not that guy.

Even when everything is pretty much ok, they find some way to complain about everything and be rude to the wait staff. Whether they’re snapping their fingers to get the server’s attention, calling the waitress “sweetheart,” or pulling the whole “The Customer is Always Right” BS, this guy is no fun. The customer is NOT always right when they’re is an absolute – for lack of a better word – schmuck.

9.  The Terrible Waiter/Waitress

OK, so it’s one thing when someone’s being rude to a waiter or waitress, but what if the waiter is just really really bad? Like they keep forgetting your order. Or spill something on you. Or take FOREVER with the check. We know it’s a tough job, but come on. It can be really hard not to be THAT guy (see #8), so you try to keep your cool, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s 100% annoying when you have really bad service. Hopefully you can at least get a freebie out of it.

10.  The Busybody

We all do it. We all want to see what looks good on the menu. Or hear that scandalous conversation at the next table. But at least most people try to be subtle about it. This eavesdropper can’t even keep up a conversation because they’re so concerned about everything else going on around her. And when you’re sitting at another table and start to notice they’re doing it to you? Well, that’s awkward.

11.  The Creeper

You’re out to dinner with your pals, and suddenly some creeper from the other table starts hitting on you. Now sometimes this might be welcome attention, but what if it’s not? Having to turn someone down and the continue eating at the table next to them for the rest of the night is SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

12.  The Primper

Why are you sitting in the middle of the restaurant primping? That’s what the restroom is for! Do you realize people can see you? And please, for the sake of everything that is sanitary in the world, DO NOT under any circumstances brush your hair at the table. You think that’s an obvious one? Don’t assume anything. People can be pretty gross.

13.  The Gross Eater

Whether they’re slurping their soup, dripping food onto their shirt, or they just ordered something that smells pretty awful (although that might be an issue with the restaurant), sitting near a gross eater can basically ruin your meal. Having to be near something that offputting can absolutely ruin your appetite. Which kind of defeats the purpose of going out in the first place. Bummer.

14.  The Ditched Date

Why did they order that whole bottle of wine before their date even got there? Now what are they going to do? Drink the whole thing herself? We feel bad for them, we really do. But what are they doing still sitting there? Not to be harsh, but it makes everyone else in the vicinity pretty uncomfortable. Especially when starting to wonder what the heck will happen to all that wine.

15.  That Group of People Having a Party (aka the sloppy drunks)

Especially if you’re on a date or trying to go out for an intimate gathering, there’s nothing that can ruin the mood more than a huge group of annoying, loud, drunk people. There is pretty much almost no way to ignore them. They’re stumbling into your table as they go to the bathroom. They’re yelling chants and keeping all the waiters too busy. They pretty much suck. Unless you’re one of them. If you can’t beat them, join them?

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10 Must-Do Things To Add To Your Travel Bucket List




You’ve got a bucket list, right? A bucket list is a fun and effective strategy for ensuring that you take the time you need for the more fun things in life – a list of things you hope to do before you “kick the bucket.” One of the most common things on bucket lists – traveling to unique special destinations! Haven’t got a travel bucket list yet? Now’s a great time to start one with these 10 must-do travel experiences. 

10.  Visit Canada’s Hidden Gems

Want to watch icebergs float by? Experience the majestic Canadian Rockies outside your window? Get up close and personal with polar bears?   

If the answer is “yes”, to any or all of these, here’s how you can. 

9.  See The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

The Alhambra is a beautiful fortress in Granada, Spain, built between 1248 and 1354.  Splendid Islamic art and architectural design is notable in many interior rooms, courtyards and gardens. 

In a word, it can be breathtaking. Guided tours are available; here’s how to snag one. 

8.  Cruise the Nile River

Taking a Nile River cruise is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Watching life along its riverbanks and the sun set over ancient monuments can be especially romantic.  Learn more about the ideal Nile cruise for you. 

7.  Eat your way around Italy’s Piedmont Region

Food and wine lovers would be remiss to cross Piedmont off their “to visit” list. Home to 45 different wines, Piedmont is a wine lover’s paradise, producing Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbara and Dolcetto, as well as celebration favorite Asti Spumanti.  They’re also known for their grapes, herbs and other innovative cuisine. Feeling hungry? See more about why Piemonte should be on your bucket list.

6.  Take a private jet flight

Private jets are the domain of the rich and famous, but they don’t have to be.  They take all of the hassle of traveling – you just decide where you want to go, and you go! Services like PlaneClear, JetWay, and Magellan will help you book your exclusive ride.  You only live once, right? 

5.  See Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is a walled, 203-acre temple complex over 900 years old. Meaning “city temple,” Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious structure, topping even St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. Learn more about it’s mindboggling construction. 

4.  See the amazing array of animals on the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands were a wonder of nature, even before Charles Darwin published his famous work on evolution based on the finches found there.

Today, you can see many different unique species of animals there, including the blue-footed booby (pictured here), the Galapagos penguin and the world’s largest tortoise. 

3.  Take a transatlantic cruise

Transatlantic cruises harken back to a begone era when steamer ships crossed the Atlantic.  Even today, they offer you a unique travel experience and offer you the opportunity to tour Europe after your trip is complete.  Learn more about transatlantic cruises. 

2.  Stay at one of Dubai’s spectacular hotels

The Burj al Arab is located on its own island about 1,000 feet offshore from Dubai, is taller than the Eiffel Tower, and one of the restaurants is built around an indoor aquarium. The Madinat Jumeirah, a grouping of hotels and small villas built to resemble a “Disneyesque Arabian village”, spans some two miles, with the buildings interconnected by waterways.   See more about Dubai’s amazing hotels. 

1.  Visit Antarctica

The Antarctic tour industry is largely managed by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which limits access for environmental reasons, but there are still three primary ways to see the continent. Sightseeing flights from Australia and Chile allow you to pass over the great continent.  Cruises allow you to see the continent from the comfort of your ship and, for the especially adventurous, selected tours allow you to land and trek across the icy expanse.

Whatever you choose, you’re likely to have a very memorable experience indeed.

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10 Questions Millennials Ask Themselves At The End Of The Year




If you’re in your mid-late twenties or early thirties, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a Millennial. You are the generation that has possibly been under the most scrutiny over the past few years as the job market ebbs and flows, family values shift, and the economy soars and dives. A lot of that falls to you as you’re in theory supposed to be settling down, buying houses and cars, and having kids. EEK! Especially if you’re in the large mass of people that have, in fact, not done any of this, you may be starting to ask these 10 questions.

1.  What am I doing with my life?

Well, heck if we know. But there’s a lot of ways to assess if “what you’re doing with your life” is making you happy. And at the end of the day, that’s kind of the important thing, right?

2.  Why don’t I make more money?

Well, either you suck at your job, your job itself sucks, or that’s just life. If you want to make more money, then go out and do it. BUT if you are super lazy and unmotivated, lucky you! We’ve got 23 ways you can make more money… without doing much at all.

3.  Should I quit my job?

If you’re seriously considering quitting your job, whether it’s because you think you can do better, or you’re just that miserable, here are some questions you should ask yourself first:

Do I actually have a good reason to quit?

Will I be able to explain the reason in future job interviews?

Has my job turned me into a zombie?

Do I have a good exit strategy?

Quitting your job properly is only half the battle, butleaving in a way that doesn’t burn bridges is just as important for moving forward in your career.

4.  Should I just ditch everything and move somewhere really cool?

Well, now that you’ve quit your job you can totally try all those things you’ve always wanted to do (if somehow you still have money). Maybe you’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe… or move there! Or maybe you just want to party it up in Southeast Asia. Or for something really exotic, let’s try Mars! The world – and even the galaxy – is your oyster.

5.  Am I dating the right person?

If you’re dating with a long term future in mind, then it can be stressful wondering if you’re dating – or even marrying – the right person. Do they share your same values? Do you feel like they make you a better person? Do you make them a better person? Do they actually even have a good personality? There’s so many factors involved that you don’t want to take this decision lightly. Unless you’re just looking to have some fun, of course.

6.  Why am I still single?

Aaaaand if you’re still single, you’re wondering a whole other bunch of things. Like “Am I going for all the wrong people?” “Do I really want to use dating apps to meet someone? Isn’t everyone on those a jerk? Is there a better way to meet people?” Sadly, sometimes it’s just a matter of trial and error, or maybe you really need to figure things out before you can get serious.

7.  Is the best really behind me already?

“Was living at home a lot smarter than living on my own? Should I move back in with my parents? Is it ever going to be as good as it was in college… or in high school?”

We’ll admit there were definitely some major perks to the younger years, mostly the fact that life’s responsibilities held so much less gravity to them. But isn’t it nice to not have grades anymore… or to have a curfew? Being a real adult is scary, but it’s also kind of fun to figure out where life can take you. So dive in!

8.  Why do hangovers suddenly last so much longer?

You know your college party days are over when those killer hangovers set in. They come more easily, last longer, and just suck so much more. Why? Well, you aren’t as young as you used to be… but that might be a good thing. Cutting down on booze has a lot of benefits, so there are much worse things than losing a little tolerance.

Also, here are a few cures for that hangover, and some tips on how to prevent it in the first place, You’re welcome.

9.  Why am I so tired all the time?

You’ve gone from having no classes before 11am to a nine to five job (or longer), working toward a promotion, balancing your after-work kickball league, and going on three dates a week. You must be exhausted! It has nothing to do with getting older, but there are some other factors that may be involved.

10.  What’s the meaning of life?

Sorry, can’t help you out with that one. Good luck! Just kidding… ish. It’s the question many have asked since the beginning of time, but the meaning of life is what you make of it. So go forth and conquer! Or at least try and figure things out. You’ll do just fine.

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8 Reasons the Oscars Should Have Remembered Joan Rivers




Joan Rivers was such a big and bold personality, it’s truly hard to believe anyone could forget her, let alone an entire awards show. So she made it into the Oscars’ online ‘In Memoriam’ gallery, but this diva definitely should have gotten some screen time.

8.  She got a Comedy Central roast, for Pete’s sake!

OK, if she was a cool enough to be roasted, she was DEFINITELY ‘In Memoriam’ material. Although she was in her seventies when she was roasted, she handled the fast and furious insults like a pro. Although the roast may have gotten a little aggressive, it still proves that she was someone to be watching.

7.  She totally owned the whole botox thing.

Although Joan has been one of the most successful female comedians and talk show hosts of the last twenty years, one of the things she became most known for was her heavily botoxed face. Constantly critiqued by the media, Joan did not let it get to her, and even made light of it herself, with statements such as “Betty White’s bowels move more than my face.” Now that’s comedy. More »

6.  She had her own show at the Venetian in Las Vegas… when she was in her 70s!

Las Vegas is known for its sexy and scandalous fast-paced lifestyle, which makes it all the more impressive that she got her own show there! And it wasn’t her first Vegas rodeo either.  More »

5.  She even had a documentary made about her.

The 2010 documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, certainly revealed a side of this brazen celebrity often ignored by the media. A mix of “fly-on-the-wall observations and close-up-and-personal interviews” allowed a softer, more relatable side of Joan to shine through. More »

4.  She was quite the hair and style icon over the years.

Considering the Oscars is one of the biggest style events of the year for celebs, it’s unbelievable they could forget such an icon, especially since she was at a ton of Oscars events. No one can forget her outspoken coverage of red carpet events and mocking/critiquing celebrities and fashion on the E! network. As for her hair, “there’s one thing that Joan Rivers did with her hair no matter what the style was: she did it big and bold, it was always perfect, and it was sometimes pink.” More »

3.  She helped shape talk show history.

She was one of the first women to crack through the “late night talk show glass ceiling.” Although Joan frequently guest hosted The Tonight Show for Johnny Carson, she was snubbed to take over after his retirement, and moved to the Fox Network with The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. Although it was short lived, the show paved the way for her daytime success with The Joan Rivers Show, which lasted five seasons and earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host. More »

2.  She was, in fact, in movies.

All you need to do is look at her IMDB filmography to know she was much more than a TV personality. The Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ segment recognized some fairly unknown names in the movie industry, so why would they leave Joan off the list? More »

1.  She made people laugh.

Throughout her career Joan Rivers put smiles on people’s faces. She wasn’t afraid to push the barriers as a woman in comedy, and even turned difficult situations and commentary on her into her own comedy.

She made people laugh, and that alone should be enough to be remembered.

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